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What is SitesInfoBox?

SitesInfoBox is a web application where you can store all the sensitive data about the websites that you own or manage. Keep all domain and hosting control panel details, e-mail accounts, account types and settings, FTP access details, databases, client info and more...

Anyone involved in Web development knows that almost all clients at some point will request some of the sensitive data from their websites to be re-sent to them. That may be their hosting or domain registrant control panel details, their FTP access, the URL for their webmail access or similar type of information.

Your client may lose that information, they may be unable to find it on their computers for some reason, or it just happens that they are out of their office and they need your help.

If you own or manage only a few websites this may not look like a big deal. However, if you have a significant number of websites and clients this will become an issue very soon.

You can use the application for free, or you can choose one of our paid subscription packages, or eventually, you can buy the source code and install the application on your localhost. Sure enough, you can then modify the application to suit your needs 100%.

What are the differences between the free and paid version?

There is only one difference between the free and the paid version: In the free version you can add up to 10 websites, 10 clients, and 30 service providers. Paid versions have no limits. You can upgrade to the paid version at any time, and limits will be removed.

Buy the source code

Concerns about privacy and security?


Modify the application according to your needs.

14 days free support!

Get your life time, 100% free account now!

If you own or manage up to 10 websites, you can use SitesInfoBox for free. Functionality is the same as the paid version, and the only limitation is the number of websites, customers and service providers.


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