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Buy the source code

If you have concerns about security and the privacy of your data, you can buy the source code and get a copy of SitesInfoBox, so you can install it on your localhost. Another advantage of the decision to buy the source code is that you can modify the code to suit your needs.

What is in the box?

  • Source code of the app (everything under subdomain)
  • Non-exclusive license for ONE organization
  • Non-encrypted source code (PHP, CodeIgniter 3.1.5) so you can modify it.
  • Database (data in it will still be encrypted)
  • Installation manual in PDF format
  • 14 days free support! (via Email, Skype or AnyDesk)

The difference between the online application and the copy that you will get is that you can add as many users as you want within your organization. Note however that there are no different privilege levels for the users – that is they all have same (full) permissions.
Note: The data that you will be entered into the database WILL BE encrypted.

Price: 199,95


Buy the source code

Concerns about privacy and security?


Modify the application according to your needs.

14 days free support!

Get your life time, 100% free account now!

If you own or manage up to 10 websites, you can use SitesInfoBox for free. Functionality is the same as the paid version, and the only limitation is the number of websites, customers and service providers.


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